One Up On Wall Street Notes ebook PDF

One up On wall Street
The New York Times best seller "one up on wall street by Peter Lynch" has sold millions of copies through out the world. Peter Lynch, the world's greatest and the most successful fund manager, was undoubtedly the best stock picker of his time. Anise C. Wallace of The New York Times says "Mr. Lynch investment record puts him in a league by himself ".

Any investor should pay heed to what Mr. Lynch has to say and this book is full of advises by Mr. Lynch himself. He has shared loads of his own personal experiences of stock picking during his tenure at Fidelity Magellan Fund, which is truly a priceless treasure for any equity investor. 

Use the following link for the pdf version of the ebook: One up on Wall Street Notes PDF


Amit Agarwal said...

Due to copyright issues the link has been changed to the notes version of the book.

Mohit said...

can you please mail me ?

Rashida Jafri said...

Can you email me too please?

vishal rangadiya said...

Hi Amit..mail me the link if u can. Thanks.

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