Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Indian Stock market showing initial signs of weakness

Indian stock markets have started showing some weaknesses on the back drop of FII outflow. Both SENSEX and NIFTY are down close to 2% in early trades today. The reason seems to be obvious. The rupee has depriciated by 2% in last 3 days and the SENSEX and NIFTY are down almost 4 % from the recent peak. So all in all there is a loss of 6% for FIIs in dollar terms. Since in short to medium term the direction of rupee seems to be downward, they might be worrying about further losses on currency side and that is why taking some money of the table before the majority of the gains get wiped out.

But this correction is healty as Mutual funds and Retail Investors have been out from the market and were waiting for corrections to get in. One should not panic by the volatile movement of the SENSEX and NIFTY and stay calm. A 5% correction from the current levels of 20000 SENSEX should provide good entry point for investors. However one should still follow bottom up approach of stock selection and buy where the business outlook is good and valuation is reasonable.

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