Tuesday, August 30, 2011

India Q1 FY 2011-2012 GDP growth below 8 percent

India's economy grew by just 7.7% in the first quarter of the 2011-12 financial year, compared to 8.8% growth in the same three-month period last fiscal. 

The government has projected overall economic growth in the current fiscal at around 8.5%, while the Reserve Bank has projected the growth to moderate to 8% from 8.5% in FY'11.

The growth in the manufacturing sector dipped to 7.2% from 10.6% in the corresponding period of 2010-11.

Mining sector grew by just 1.8% during the quarter under review, as against 7.4% growth in the first quarter of the previous fiscal.

Agriculture sector expanded by 3.9% during the quarter under review, compared to 2.4% in the corresponding three-month period last fiscal.

Hotels, transport and communications segments grew by 12.8% in the quarter under review, up from 12.1% in the year-ago period.

The services sector, including insurance and real estate, grew by 9.1% in the June quarter this year, compared to 9.8% expansion in the corresponding period last year.

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