Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Free Stock Market Dictionary ebook pdf

Stock Market Dictionary

Stock market terms and terminologies are essential to understand stock markets in depth. Basic financial vocabulary is very much required to decode analysts jargons, financial dailies and what's happening in the macro as well as micro world.

InvestorZclub has compiled a list of more than 250 essential stock market terms with detailed description of each in the following e-book.

Use the following link to download the ebook in pdf format: Stock Market Dictionary PDF 


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  2. I think this is the best site about stock market details...
    Thank u amit sir giving so many thing on this site

  3. In the list of 20 top e-books reviewed & posted on your blog,the link Technical Analysis eBook pdf leads to me 'Stock market dictionary' rather than the technical analysis e-book. Can this be rectified?

  4. Corrected... Apologies for bad link and thanks a lot for the feedback...

  5. Thanks for correcting the Technical Analysis E-book link. May i request you to send the corrected link as the link Posted: 14 Sep 2013 03:24 AM PDT sent to me through via is still leading me to 'Stock Market dictionary'?

  6. sir, i am getting to know this site. please i would like to seek your advice before taking certain decissions in my stock trading activities. i permited, my question will have to do with Nigerian stocks....can you help in this regaed.
    Akubue ben, Abuja Nigeria

  7. Hi Sebastin, though i have got expertise on Indian and U.S equities, I do track world markets but not like Indian and U.S equities.

    Regarding stocks listed on Nigerian Stock Exchanges, I can provide my fundamental & technical views on select stocks under NSE50 index and the stocks that could provide reasonable returns in medium to long term. We can discuss this in details. You can mail me at


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