Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Essar pays money to maoists in chhattisgarh: Wikileaks

Ruia's promoted Essar group pays protection money to maoists to safeguard its operations in chattisgarh, where the group is having large mining interest, says the cable.

The wikileak said that the Maoists pose a real threat to development and security in the region and efforts to bring these areas back into the government control is warranted. A senior representative from Consul General Office says that the company pays the Maoists a significant amount not to harm or interfere with their operations," a cable dated January 11, 2010, released by WikiLeaks stated.

"When the Maoists occasionally break this agreement and damage Essar property or threaten personnel, Essar sets different Maoist groups against each other to suppress the situation," it said.

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