Thursday, September 15, 2011

Free Technical Analysis of Indian Stock Market - Software / Online

For all budding Technical Analysts and Chartists there is always a question on where to do real time technical analysis on Indian stocks and that too without incurring any cost. Many people end up buying expensive softwares which promise lot of advanced automatic analysis and recommendations but practically speaking no such software is ever built that will give you sure shot recommendations. Its upto the analyst to arrive at conclusion based on the evident patterns.

The world's biggest and most successful chartists still prefer to do technical analysis on paper. But now a days with advanced software technologies lot of time can be saved if charts and patterns are plotted using computers. Now why pay for charting softwares when you can perform fairly high level of technical analysis online and that to absolutely free.

Following are some of my preferred places where you can perform free technical analysis of Indian Markets and Stocks online.

Please share if you have some more sources of free technical analysis.

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