IT - Software Companies Market Share in India

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Top 10 IT companies in India commands over 95% market share of Indian IT Services Industry (Software excluding hardware) in 2011.

IT companies market share

  • Top 5 IT companies commands over 80% market share of indian software industry as of 2011.
  • TCS enjoys 25% while Infosys has 18% market share.
  • As per NASSCOM the total size of IT Services in India in 2011 excluding hardware is approximately $ 33.5 billion (~ INR 1,50,000 crores).

FY 11 Revenue
in Crores
Market share
HCL Tech15,73010.5
Mahindra Satyam5,1453.4
Tech Mahindra5,1403.4
Mphasis Ltd*5,0373.4
Oracle Fin2,3601.6
NIIT Tech1,2320.8

* FY 10 Revenue
^ Cognizant in not listed in Indian stock markets, hence publish numbers in USD. For FY-10 it reported a revenue of $4.59 billion USD
^^ iGate Acquired Patni computers in 2011, hence the revenue of igate(INR 1260 crores) and patni( INR 3143 crores) is clubbed for FY 2010.


Chaitali shah said...

dear author,

how did u come up to the market share pie diagram??? from what source did u take it???

Amit Agarwal said...

Hi Aaditi,

The market share pie chart was made from an excel which I prepared after analysing all the major IT companies having operations in India. The market share is revenue based. For instance TCS earns alomost a quarter of revenue which entire IT industry in India is making. Accordingly the market share of other companies are given.


Amit Agarwal

Chaitali shah said...

thank you..

Chaitali shah said...

Hi Amit,

Thank you for the reply. And can you do one more favour to me.....if you have any more info about the IT software industry can you pass it on to me as i have my course work on IT software industry in India


Anonymous said...

can u update the pie chart. i mean current market share.

Anonymous said...

hi Amit,

why did'nt you include IBM and Accenture into your research??

Anonymous said...

there are also companies like capgemini, convergys etc

Amit Agarwal said...

You raised a very good point. Actually the focus was mainly on companies which are listed and have more than 80% of the people employed in India, basically companies operating from India. Capgemini, accenture and IBM all have presence in India but derives majority of it's revenues from outside India.

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