Thursday, September 29, 2011

Low Price to Book value (PBV) Stocks in India - 2011

Price to Book Value is a parameter which Benjamin Graham, the guru of Warren Buffett, loved to use while identifying undervalued stocks. PBV of less than 1 usually suggest that the stock is undervalued.  In this depressed market lot of stocks are trading at significant discount to their book values.

InvestorZclub has tried to compile a list of reasonable sized stocks in India having revenue of Rs 500 crore or more and PBV of 0.6 or less as on SEP 29 2011 based on FY-11 financial numbers.  

The investors with 6 months horizon are actually getting all these stocks even cheaper based on FY-2012 book value.

CompanyRevenue (FY-11) in croresPBV
Bharti Shipyard15790.31
Crew BOS6210.34
Lloyd Electric 7870.35
ICSA Ltd14040.38
Eveready Ind9500.4
Mawana Sugar16170.4
Rohit Ferro11460.43
Kesoram Ind53970.44
KEI Industries11620.45
Sakthi Sugar21380.45
Omax Auto11570.46
Sunil Hitech7250.47
DCM Shriram8800.47
JK Lakshmi Cement13180.47
Dhampur Sugar23260.48
Tantia Constructions6800.49
Hanung Toys11220.5
Firstsource Sol.20000.5
Rico Auto9770.52
Punjab & Sind Bank53700.52
Visaka Ind.6500.52
3i Infotech25870.52
JK Paper12300.53
JK Tyre48100.55
DCM Shriram Cons.40660.57
Jindal Poly26700.57
Electrosteel Castings17110.58
Jayaswal Neco22630.6
India Cements35000.6
OCL India14750.6

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