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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is by far the most important learning for any webmaster, as the success of your blog or website is dependent on the fact that if your web asset is not visible in search then there is very high chance that it will not succeed.

I started this Stock Market blog in 2010 and have been learning SEO, since then, to optimize my blog for search engines. After implementing various techniques (as outlined in the SEO ebook) in the past 1 year my blog traffic has increased by 4000% in last 6 months. More than 90% of my blog's traffic comes from Google, Bing and Yahoo. Rest of the traffic comes from subscribers and referrals.

Experts suggest that SEO is a continuous process and cannot be done in a day. It should be practiced with patience and the result of the optimization is not visible immediately. Search Engines take time to notice the optimization and adjust the ranking of the website or blog in search results.

Following ebook on SEO by google is by far the best SEO tutorial for beginners and advanced users who want to understand the working of search engines and optimize their web asset for Google, Bing , Yahoo and other search engines. 

To download the ebook PDF use the following link: Search Engine Optimization ebook

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