Saturday, February 25, 2012

Which Sector to Invest in 2012

Please vote and tell us which sector(s) or Industry you are most bullish on and betting on to generate maximum return for your portfolio. 

You can also comment below to provide your justification for your choices. 

Please share this survey with your friends to get maximum response which will help all of us in understanding the mood of the nation. Best of luck...


  1. Rate Sensitive like Banks and Real Estate should do well as the rate cycle is about to turn. But the recent sharp runup warrants entry immediately. Favourite pics would be Federal Bank, Corporation Bank, HDIL but only on correction.

    Amit what's your opinion?

  2. Yes Summit it seems so that rate sensitives should do well. But the point is since we have already rallied 20% in last 2 months I would wait out before taking any bet immediately...

  3. Very few people have voted for hotel sector which is clearly ignored in the current market. Indian Hotel languishing at 60 while Hotel leela at 35. I think They might be good contra bets as the replacement cost for these hotel companies is at least 5 times more than their current market cap.


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