Friday, March 2, 2012

Gordon Gekko Quotes - Wall Street Movie (1987 - 2010)

The iconic character Gordon Gekko played by Michael Douglas, who won Oscar for his role in Oliver Stone's Wall Street, has become so popular that FBI has hired Gordon Gekko aka Michael Douglas for Anti-Insider-Trading PSA

Following are some of the famous quotes by Mr. Gekko taken from his movies "Wall Street Part I & II"

“The mother of evil is speculation.”

“You are the Ninja Generation.  No income.  No job.  No assets.”

Bucks + Steroids = Leverage (Steroid Banking).

“Money is a she.  She sleeps in the bed with you with one eye open.  Next thing you know, she might be gone forever.”

“A fisherman always sees another fisherman from afar.”

“Moral hazard is when they take your money and then are not responsible for what they do with it.”

“Parents are the bones where children sharpen their teeth.”

To download the movie "Wall Street - Money Never Sleep" use the following link

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