Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Railway Budget - 2012: Highlights

Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi has presented his first rail budget on 14th March. 

Following are some of the  crucial highlights of the Budget 2012.

  • Recommendation of kakodkar Committee on Saftey to be implemented.
  • To set up Railway Research Development Council.
  • To set up Independent Railway Safety Authority.
  • 12th Plan Investment on Railways at 7.35 lakh Crores
  • Railway Safety fund pegged at 16,842 crores.
  • Targets passenger speed of 160 km an hour. 
  • Plan to modernise 19,000 km through renewals.
  • To allocate Rs 4,410 crore on capacity augmentation work. 
  • New coaching complex in Panvel. 
  • To facilitate running to heavier trains.
  • Travel time from Delhi to Kolkata will get reduced from 17 hours to 14 hours. 
  • Introduction of new wagons and auto car are planned.
  • Allocation of Rs 6,700 cr made under new line plan.
  • To spend Rs 63,212 cr on track modernisation in 5 years
  • Plans to introduce GPS in Railways.
  • To allocate 100 stations via PPP in next 5 years.
  • Doubling of lines of 750 km to be completed in FY12-13.
  • New lines to be set up for Kolkata Metro.
  • To set up elevated suburban corridors in Navi Mumbai.
  • First class Ac fares have been raised by as much as 30 paise per km. 
  • The increase in other classes is: 15 paise per km for AC 2-tier travellers, 10 paise for 3-tier passengers and three paise per km for sleeper class.
  • Fares on suburban networks have become dearer by two paise per km.
  • Platform tickets will now cost Rs 5 versus Rs 3 currently.
  • 21 new passenger and 75 new express trains to be launched.
  • Wait-listed passengers to get alternate train reservations.
  • Green toilets to be installed in 2,500 coaches in next one year.
  • Gross traffic receipts of Rs 1,32,552 cr as eyed in FY13.
  • Revised earning estimates at Rs 28,800 cr.
  • Freight earning at Rs 89,339 cr for FY 13.
  • Railways paid dividend of over Rs 5,600 cr despite difficult finances.
Use the following link to download the full budget highlights:

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  1. Rly Minister ji...when people stand in a big queue for hours and book their tickets in advance, they turn up in the trains to see their seats occupied by waitlisted tickets and right royally chasing away the people who have booked tickets...when i travelled from Agra to Chennai there were atleast 15 waitlisted people in the train all lying in the paths... Where is the security mantriji..and the TTR conveniently does not bother to attend to the problem as he is busy elsewhere getting money for all the vacant seats allotment...he didnt turn up the whole day...please check ur staff.....what respect do those have who have booked their tickets in advance...and the food that is undigestable...unpalatable food one can ever have for the money they pay..RAILWAYS....BAH....


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