Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Countries with highest income tax rate of 50 percent

Are you based out of US, India or Canada and blame government for very high tax rates where the highest income tax rates are somewhere 30-33%. Checkout the income tax rates of the following countries and you will not feel that bad.

Austria: Average income in Austria, one of the world's best place to live, is about USD 50,700 while the highest income tax rate is 50%.

Belgium: Belgians in 2011, with average income of USD 52,700 pay, took home less than 45% of what they cost their employer, according to a survey by OECD. Here also the highest income tax rate is 50 percent.

Japan: It's the only asian country to have top tax rate of 50% which is more than double Asia's average rate of 23%

United Kingdom: UK increased its highest tax rate by 10 percentage points in 2010 to 50%.

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  1. The way things are happening in here, India will also feature in the above list in few years.....


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