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Hindustan Unilever made a new life time high today and remained strong throughout the trading session today as on 13th June 2012. The stock touched a lifetime high of 448.50 before closing for the day at 447.50. 

For the past few trading sessions the stock is witnessing strong delivery based buying which suggest that there is more upside left in the stock. Traders can go long at the current levels of 446, 447 keeping a tight stop loss at 439 for a possible target of 460 in next few trading sessions. However if stock moves past 460 continue to hold the stock with insurance of trailing stop loss placed 2% below the then existing price.


Amit Agarwal said...

The stock touched a high of 452 on friday 15th June before closing at 450, which was again a 52 week high for the stock. Increase the stop loss to 442 which was low point for the friday's trade and continue to hold the long...

Amit Agarwal said...

The stock touched a high of 457 today with intra-day high low of 457/448.50 before closing at 456.50.

Increase your stop loss to 448 (the intraday low of 20th June) and continue to hold long.

Amit Agarwal said...

Congratulation to all those who took position in HUL based on the above reco. The stock touched a high of around 465 on NSE today with high low of 464.70 - 452.75.

One can choose to book profits at 461 - 463 levels as we are approaching the expiry week where the trading longs could wnwind. Also one can hold the long if he wishes but keeping strict stop loss at 453.

Amit Agarwal said...

As expected the stock saw long unwind happening this week starting monday. Hope traders have sqaured of the position at 460 or there about.

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