Sunday, July 1, 2012

Country wise Stock Market Performance in H1 2012

If you look at the stock market returns generated by the countries all over the world you will be surprised to know that Turkey and Pakistan has been the best performing countries in the world in first six  months of the current calander year. 

Turkey stock markets has delivered 22 percent while pakistan's stock markets has delivered little less at 21.62 percent returns in the first half of 2012 calander year.

India has also done well with 12.78 percent gain while Germany is up 8.78% during the same period. 

Spanish markets, one of the biggest European countries in soveriegn debt trouble, has been one of the worst performers with negative returns of 17.09 percent. 

One of the interesting thing to note is that while US markets were up 7.7 percent, Canadian markets are down 3.41 percent.

Among BRIC countries Brazil has been the worst performer with -5.06 percent returns followed by Russia with -2.3 percent. 

India has  clearly stolen the show in terms of equity returns as far as BRIC nations are concerned.

Greece, the centre of all the crisis in Europe, is not the worst performing market in the world and is down around 10 percent year to date.

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