Friday, December 21, 2012

Mahindra Finance Fixed Deposit

As you are aware corporate deposits are a great way to make that extra percentage return on your fixed deposits as these deposits usually provide at least 2 to 3 percentage point  more interest rate on deposited sum than bank FDs. But fundamentals of the corporate offering the deposit must be very sound for your deposit to be secure. One such scheme that  is offering safety and high return is "Mahindra Finance Fixed Deposit". 

MMFSL is a subsidiary of Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd (M&M). The company is one of India’s leading non-bank finance companies focused on the rural and semi-urban sector. MMFSL finances purchase of utility vehicles, tractors, cars, commercial vehicles and used vehicles in the rural and semi-urban areas of India.

Key Features:

1. The MMFSL Fixed deposit is given the Crisil rating FAAA which indicates a high level of safety
2. Senior Citizens will get an additional rate of 0.25% per annum
3. FD available for a period upto 5 years
4. Cumulative as well as non cumulative (half yearly and quarterly) options are available as per the convenience of the depositor
5. Loan Against Deposit Available
6. Premature Withdrawal Facility
7. ECS facility for credit of Interest

For further details check out the following link: Mahindra Finance Fixed Deposit

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