Guess the Chart - November 2013

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This month's puzzle is not as easy as the previous month's puzzle as the price band at which the stock is trading is the price band of many stocks and the movement it has witnessed since past 5 years is not very unique or exclusive. Answer will be revealed by 8th Dec 2013.

Some clues to help you in guessing the chart:

1. As visible on the chart the stock has been a big multibagger and has been a very strong recommendation at InvestorZclub since past couple of years.

2. The company is still highly undervalued compared to it's large-cap peers.

3. The stock is trading at all time high.

Good Luck!

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Piyush said...

Yes Bank

Anonymous said...

Really difficult, can you give one more clue?

Amit Agarwal said...

It appears the chart is quite difficult to guess... Here is another clue, the company did a buyback in 2009.

Tanmay Das said...

It's Zensar Technologies :)

Aakarshit said...

Tata Motors

Shubham said...

Its Zensar Technologies as they did buyback in 2009 and also this has been recommended at investorZclub in the past here: Zensar Technologies Multibagger

Amit Agarwal said...

Shubham and Tanmay guessed it right. It is Zensar Technologies.

The stock was first recommended at InvestorZclub on 23rd Nov 2010 at Rs.160 (pre bonus) or Rs.80 (ex-bonus) as the company gave 1:1 bonus in dec 2011.

The stock is up around 4 times since then. Once again sound management coupled with low valuation triggered the stock to become a multibagger in 3 years.

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