Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Actual cost of petrol in india without taxes - 2016

After consecutive hikes in fuel prices in India since 30th March 2016, Petrol is almost Rs.9 dearer while diesel is expensive by around 10 bucks in Delhi. 

As on 1st June 2016, Petrol is costing Rs. 65.6 a liter while its production cost is just Rs. 25.31. 

Actual Cost of Petrol in India without Taxes

Excise duty, Value Added Tax and Dealers commission constitute around 160% markup to the cost of producing a liter of petrol.

During the month of June 2014, petrol used to cost around Rs. 71.50 a liter while crude prices were around $109 per barrel.

As on 1st June 2016, Crude Oil is around $49 per barrel down 55% while petrol prices are down just 8%.

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