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Amit Agarwal is a software engineer turned full time invester & trader. He has more than 10 years of equity investing & trading experience with specialization in equity valuation for sectors like IT, Banking, financial services, Telecom and  media. He holds B.Tech in Comp. Sc and CIF from University of Michigan. 

Contact him at for queries regarding consultancy & advertisement on this blog.


InvestorZclub is an equity analysis and personal finance blog with more than 0.25 million annual views, 2000+ feed subscribers and 700+ Facebook followers. The blog is existing since 2010 and publishes unbiased views and analysis on stocks, bonds, currencies and economy. The objective of the blog is to simplify the process of investing and encourage thought based approach of stock selection.

InvestorZclub also offers free Stock Advisory service online, the first and only of it's kind , to help you with the analysis of stocks you have or planning to buy.

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