Thursday, June 14, 2018

3 Margin Types that every derivative trader must understand

If you are a derivative trader in Indian stock Markets specially an Option writer (Call and put sellers) or futures trader, you must understand various types of margin imposed by your broker. Failing to maintain adequate margin can lead to very high penalty beside ad hoc squaring-off existing positions to trim the size of your overall positions.

SPAN margin

The initial margin required for the positions is computed online and on an intraday basis, using a software called SPAN (Standard Portfolio Analysis of Risk). Sellers of options (both call and put) and holders of futures (both long and short), where the potential losses could be high, are required to have sufficient margin in their accounts. The SPAN system uses strike prices, risk-free interest rates, changes in prices of the underlying securities, changes in volatility and time-value to calculate the worst possible move in the security. For the exchanges, SPAN margin covers almost the entire risk for the day, minimizing the systemic risk due to margin pressures.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Kotak Free Intraday Trading – What you should know?

In this age of disruptions companies are differentiating themselves by offering products and service to creates sticky customers. Across customer facing industries there are companies which are taking on competition by offering more value for the buck. As a consumer, online retail & telecom comes at the top of the mind where disruption has brought bonanza for customers.

There are disruptions happening across financial services industry as well. Brokerage industry, for instance, is facing disruptions from discount brokers and off course full service brokers are responding with innovative offerings. One such recent offering is FreeIntraday Trading (FIT) from Kotak Securities which has waived off brokerage on non-delivery based trades for retail clients.

So how significant is this?
Considering the fact that an average intraday self-trader spends 220 rupees on brokerage per day and approx. 5000 per month only on cash segment, the savings are significant if you add-up the total intraday brokerage paid in all segments put together (cash, futures, options).

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