Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Portfolio Update Jan 2016

First Portfolio update of Calendar 2016. Sold a holding, averaged another in half and increased cash position to be deployed on further correction for buying Nifty BEES.

You can check the updated portfolio using the marquee at the right sidebar.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Buy Indian Stocks, China stock market crash an opportunity

Chinese stock markets and fear of its hard landing has played havoc on commodities and scaring equity investors globally. But doesn't it feel like it's getting far too much? Oil at $30 with just around a million barrel oversupply when half the world production of 95 million barrels per day is making cash losses at current prices. Similarly doom Sayers are predicting crash in Chinese economy and thus a crash in global stock markets. Lets look at some facts behind Chinese stock markets and if it really can hurt global investors and markets.

Shanghai Stock Market 5 year performance
CSI 300 5 Year Chart
1. Unlike mature markets of Europe, America, India etc, Chinese stock markets have more than 80% retail investors with barely 2% foreign holding. So a 50% crash in Chinese market would affects these foreign investors portfolio by just 1%. BIG DEAL!

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