Friday, May 24, 2013

MQL 5 Market: The Best Marketplace for Trading Robots and Software

Trading Robots or Automated trading system / software has gained huge importance in the last few years specially in forex environment, and slowly the automated trading or algorithm trading is catching up in the stock markets as well. 

As far as trading robots are concerned there are plenty with some absolutely free and some very expensive depending upon the popularity and track record. The dis-advantage of trading forex through trading robots is that there is no human intervention and the software does everything according to what's there in the algorithm, however this is it's biggest strength as well as it works on strict rules written for profit maximization and loss minimization. 

Most of the times it has been witnessed that people held on to their loss making trades and quickly get out of profit trades which is fatal for pure traders. Forex trading being highly leveraged which can amplify gains and losses exponentially, a strict discipline must be maintained while trading, and the trading robots can help in a big way in achieving that discipline.

How to buy Trading Robots?

MQL5 Market from MetaQuotes Software Inc, provides the traders with an opportunity to buy a variety of trading tools such as indicators, robots, scripts, and other trading assistants for trading terminal MetaTrader 5. The service is free to anyone subscribing to MetaTrader 5 platform. 

MQL5 Market clearly isn’t the only place where you can buy trading software as there are many websites around which sell trading robots and Expert Advisers. However, MQL5 Market is unique in that you can purchase, download and install these trading products directly from the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. 

In addition, purchasers benefit from the additional security features of buying directly through the MQL5 Market, and the advantage of being able to test the strategy themselves first through the demonstration feature as all trading robots and indicators in the market have demo versions allowing customers to test an application before buying it in Market. This way the buyers are fully protected and are able to make right decision as far as buying a trading robot is concerned.

As far as the usability of the market is concerned MQL5 Market is very easy to use. The different types of trading software are divided into separate segments, where traders can see both free and paid software products. Traders can also filter products by popularity, price or other search parameters.

To buy an application in MQL 5 Market check out the followoing link:

How to Sell Trading Robots?

MQL5 Market is a novel way for forex traders and programmers to earn extra income by selling their trading software to other forex traders. For experienced programmers, this market open up a new income stream and enables them to earn additional revenue from selling their Expert Advisers or other trading apps. 

After each purchase of an MQL5 program through the Market, the payment for the product equal to its price (which is set by the seller) less the service commission are transferred to the sellers account in the payment system. If you have programs that can be useful to MetaTrader 5 users, the Market service is a great opportunity for you to earn.

To lean more about how to Post a Product in the Market check ou the following link -


  1. Automated trading has created lot of chaos in the past by punching wrong orders due to bugs. How is it ensured that the robots being sold in the MQL5 market is bug free.

  2. I use experts from MQL5 market. There are Ok.
    In MQL5 market is quite worthy products.

    Before you buy a robot you can also test his work. Some can even be put on a real account with limited lot for free. Look at this article "How Secure Is It to Buy MQL5 Market Products?" -


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