Friday, November 22, 2019

How Mutual Fund Investing is becoming simpler and hassle free

Mutual fund investments used to be a tedious process few years back.  It involved numerous visits to the adviser's office, lengthy paperwork & payment formalities. Financial service providers eventually invested heavily in technology to make investment easier and reduce the monotony of the process. However, one thing digitization and technological advancement cannot solve is the dilemma of choosing the right scheme to fulfill your investment goal. To deal with this everlasting problem, ICICIdirect, has introduced One Click Investment a one stop solution for all your mutual funds investing needs. With One Click, investors can choose from 6 thoughtfully researched baskets of Mutual Fund schemes, which are carefully curated to help you power your investments.

There are several categories of portfolios depending on mix of equity and debt exposure to choose from, ranging from 100% debt to 100% equity.
The investment baskets offered under One click are described below. The investor can choose the best basket as per his/her financial goal.

It offers good diversification with exposure across Large, Multi, Mid and Small cap schemes. Maximiser is ideal for investors seeking long term growth within 5 to 10-year time period.

Builder portfolio invests more towards equity with uncompromising cushion of debt. This is a perfect blend for the investors seeking benefits of equity investments with relatively lower volatility in returns.

Going by its name, Stable portfolio provides investment stability given to its higher allocation towards Debt schemes with a limited participation in equity. This phenomenon makes it ideal for those who seek FD plus returns, with marginally higher risk.

This portfolio offers a combination of stability and growth by investing 50% each in Equity and Debt. 50-Fifty is ideal for investors seeking growth potential of equity along with stability of debt

This is an investment portfolio with a safety net. Secure portfolio invests in quality corporate bonds and short-term debt instruments which makes earnings more visible. It is Ideal for investors willing to invest without having to worry about stability in returns.

Tax Saving:
This portfolio allows you to retain what indeed belongs to you. By investing in tax saving equity scheme, the investor doesn’t only save up on taxes, but also grow their investments. Tax saving portfolio is Ideal for investors willing to save taxes u/s 80C (tax savings of up to Rs. 46,800/-annually)

Top 5 advantages of investing in mutual funds through One Click:

1.       Basket of Researched backed investment portfolios
2.       It allows individual goals to be mapped against each basket
3.       System notifications and recommendations.
4.        Flexibility of investing 'One Time' (Lump Sum) or 'Monthly' (SIP) in any listed basket.
5.       Variety of predefined portfolios to choose from 100% equity to 100% debt baskets
6.       No mutual fund transaction fees

Investing in Mutual Funds have never been this easy and with such innovation & investment in technology, the individual participation in India growth story through equities will grow by leaps and bounds in coming years. ICICIdirect’s One Click investment appears to be one promising platform for all the investors seeking commendable returns supported by expert guidance.

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