Look beyond interest rates before switching your home loan

With so many comparison sites around, it is no longer difficult to find out who is offering the cheapest mortgage rates. If you are already servicing a home loan from a Bank or an NBFC, you might find that you are not getting the lowest home loan interest rates offered in the market and it becomes quite tempting to switch the loan and take advantage of low rates offered by others and thereby reduce your EMI or tenure. 

But switching your home loan just because somebody else is offering lower interest rate is not a wise decision and can lead to lot of harassment and can even turn costly. Following are the 3 things you must consider before deciding to switch you mortgage provider.

Portfolio Update - July 2016

Utilizing the magnificent rally in our markets, some stocks were sold to increase cash levels. Please check the updated portfolio for further details.

Performance of Real Estate vs Stocks vs Gold in India - 2011 to 2016

When it comes to asset allocation, majority of Indians prefer Gold and Real estate over Stocks as they provide tangibility and sense of security. But sense of security is not sufficient as far as investments are concerned as savings in any form need to beat inflation for creating wealth.

So lets check how each of these asset classes have performed over last 5 years and whether Indians are right in their judgment of allocating majority of their investment capital in Real estate and gold:


Consumer Inflation chart in India
CPI Inflation has averaged around 8% in past 5 years

7 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When Purchasing Term Insurance in India

Buying a term insurance and buying the right term insurance plan, both are different things. In the scramble to get a low-cost policy, people often forget to read the fine print and end up making mistakes that give inconvenience to their loved ones in the future. Given that, how useful a term insurance policy is, you can’t afford to make a mistake. It is important to exercise caution and wisdom while buying a policy. How? By avoiding the following mistakes:
Term Insurance
Image credit: cnbc.com
  1. Not disclosing important information on the policy application form: The insurer has rights to reject a claim if it finds that the policyholder did not mention vital points in the insurance proposal form. If your close relative has suffered from any chronic ailment, mention it in the form at the time of buying the policy. Similarly, if you are a heavy smoker, don’t categorize yourself as a casual smoker. It is a suppression of a fact. It is important to disclose your facts otherwise your dependents may face a tough time in getting the claim amount. So even if it means paying a few bucks extra in premium or having to undergo some medical tests, it will be worth it because the purpose for which you are buying a term plan — to secure your family’s future— is met. It is important to be honest when it comes to filling up the form, so that the claim is not rejected and your family is completely secured.

Now get loans through ATMs

The Automated Teller Machine (ATM) got introduced in India about 3 decades back. Initially, the machine that were launched as cash dispensers have over the period taken over host of other banking transactions. Today, the ATMS that are available on all corners of our cities have become an integral part of day to day banking transactions.

With the technological advancement, you can now even look at getting an instant personal loan from these ATMs. What does this mean to you?
  • Cutting out on process delays and getting easy personal loans
  • As lenders will be vying for migrating the borrowers to ATMs for operational ease and cost effective process, one can expect low interest personal loans
  • Given the wide availability of ATMS, funding can be received from any corner of the country without any hassle.   

Investment Advise from Martin Sosnoff

An insight into the life of a lesser known but great investor "Martin Sosnoff"and bunch of advise to take home. Enjoy

Top 5 large companies impacted most by BREXIT

As they say "Unexpected Always Happens" and BREXIT happened exactly when financial markets was least expecting it. Britain exiting from Europe will have large ramifications on European Union and might lead to disintegrating the union which will happen off-course over the years. But this brings uncertainty to businesses and that is what market dislikes most. 

Though India is largely insulated from the BREXIT for the time being but if EU is to disintegrate it could be a serious problem for us also as we do substantial amount of business in Europe. Also the uncertainties in European countries might lead to capital flight to safe heavens such as USD and precious metals which would certainly impact our stock market returns.

On a medium terms basis companies which are deriving more than 50% of their revenue from Euro Zone should be watched carefully for any adverse impact of U.K exiting from Europe. Following are the top 5 companies which derive  substantial amount of revenue from Euro Zone:

4 Bad Behavioral Mistakes in Investing

behavioral mistakes in investing

Source: investopedia

Remember them as ROOM : 
Regret Theory - Overconfidence - Over & under reacting - Mental Accounting

Actual cost of petrol in india without taxes - 2016

After consecutive hikes in fuel prices in India since 30th March 2016, Petrol is almost Rs.9 dearer while diesel is expensive by around 10 bucks in Delhi. 

As on 1st June 2016, Petrol is costing Rs. 65.6 a liter while its production cost is just Rs. 25.31. 

Actual Cost of Petrol in India without Taxes

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