Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gold and Silver Price Widget by Google: Best Precious Metals Gadget

Precious metals like Gold, Silver and Platinum are no longer just a physical instrument for investment but are being traded globally in huge volumes by traders and investors for both speculation and investment purposes. 

The price movements in these metals also affects movements in other asset classes such as equities, currencies etc. Thus it becomes very essential to keep track of their price movements whether you trade in them or not. 

There is a precious metals gadget developed by Google, which can be embedded in blogs and websites related to equities, commodities and currency, for tracking intraday, monthly and yearly price charts of Gold, Silver and Platinum in one single widget. The best part of the widget is that the data is provided by Kitco, a renowned name in metal prices and charts.

Following is the working version of the widget.

If you want to embed the above widget into your blog or website use the following link: Precious Metals Widget

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