Wednesday, March 6, 2013 is a fraud: Claims customers, an online shopping portal, promoted by Arindam Bose (CEO), which used to offer products at huge discounts to their market value to attract customers, is a fraud complains many of it's customers who have done shopping at their site. Bloomberg UTV also showcased an episode on customers who have paid for a product or cancelled the existing order but hasn't yet got their product shipped or refund back. 

They used to send bulk sms'es very frequently regarding the prices at which the products are being offered at their site and people having limited time to avail this offer. I was personally so irritated that I even thought of complaining about the company in police for disturbing me every now and then. 

One customer says that "It seems initially when people purchased at their site they shipped few items to make people believe that they are genuine and then when some amount of trust was established and huge amount of money is collected in advance the shipments of products just stopped".

There is even a facebook page named Timtara Fraud created for all the customers who have been cheated by the seller in some or the other way.  Many have complained in consumer courts as well.. One can check the complaints here: Timtara Conumer court complains. Also's review on mouthshut is an eye opener for those who just run after discounts being offered and forget to think about the ingenuity of the seller.

It's always advisable to shop at trusted sites and compare prices across portal and then make a decision. 2 to 3 percent differences are acceptable but huge difference in prices of products such a mobile phones, electronic items of branded companies etc is not possible as the online shopping market is fairly competitive.

If you have faced any issue with please write your story in comment and let the world know about this company so that some kind of action is taken by the govt. and you get your hard earned money back.


  1. They are big chor and loots. Their main motives was to rob people's money from day 1.

  2. good one... and thanks for making aware


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