Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Guess the Chart - Oct 2013

"Guess the Chart" is an educational yet fun filled game initiated by InvestorZclub. There will be one anonymous chart, based on Indian Stock Markets, that will be put up on blog every month. You have to guess the company name and write your answer in the comments. The correct answer will be revealed at the end of each month. Some clues will be provided along with the chart to help you find the company name.

Let's see your tuning to the market! Good Luck.

Guess the Chart
Guess the Chart - October 2013

Which Company's stock chart is given above? 

Clue 1: The Stock Closing price was below Rs 20 at NSE on 7th Oct 2013.
Clue 2: The Stock is part of BSE Group B but used to be a part of Group A sometimes back.
Clue 3: Once market's favorite, the company reported loss in Q1 of current financial Year FY-14


  1. Firstsource Solutions

  2. Being the first chart of the series, this is one of the easiest chart to guess. There should be no trouble at all in guessing the stock behind this.

  3. Not Unitech, it never went to 1000. It is definitely Educomp Solutions

  4. Has to be Educomp...

  5. Many have guessed it right, the chart is of Educomp Solutions one of the hottest stock of 2009, 2010. Investors lost shirts in this counter and who to blame? Management to some extent but investors to a larger extent. One seldom make money by chasing the hot stock.... Next guess the chart will surely be a bit tough. Let's see who guess it right...

    Amit Agarwal


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