Should one invest in Anil Ambani (ADAG) Companies?

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Recent news of CBI probing Anil Ambani sent jitters to all the ADAG group stocks and the combined market capitalisation of all the ADAG companies put together lost more than 4000 crores in a day.

Will you invest in any of the Anil Amabani Companies? If yes which stock you would prefer the most? Please respond to the polls below?


Anonymous said...

No one has ever made money by investing in any ADAG companies... God bless for existing 1 million + investors...

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala said...

R-cap looks the best among the ADAG pack... The deal with Nipon life is very positive and values reliance life at a value ($2.6 billion)which is more than the entire market cap of the Company.

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